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Shanghai Upbio Tech Co.,Ltd (Former Onchem (China)Co.,Ltd) is a comprehensive manufacturer and an international distribution of chemicals throughout the world, The predecessor of Shanghai Upbio Tech Co.,Ltd was Onchem (China) Co.,Ltd in 2010,Specialized in APIs, chemical intermediates, herbal extract and pharmaceutical raw materials. We have our own GMP factory with R&D centure.and cleaning workshop , and some main products produced by our own lab and R&D centure.besides we have established very good cooperation and business relations with hundreds of Chinese qualified manufacturers by long-term business intercourse. Our products mainly developing direction is "the best quality, the best service". In recent years, with the frequently international trading, which are sold well in Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, more than 4  Click for details>>
  • Top Supplier PHENACETIN 99% CAS NO.62-44-2(62-44-2)

    Top Supplier PHENACETIN 99% CAS NO.62-44-2

    CAS No.:62-44-2

  • Topsale Benzocaine 99%  with lower price(94-09-7)

    Topsale Benzocaine 99% with lower price

    CAS No.:94-09-7

  • Top Supplier Adrafinil with 99%(63547-13-7)

    Top Supplier Adrafinil with 99%

    CAS No.:63547-13-7

  • TOP Supplier Dasatinib monohydrate CAS NO.863127-77-9(863127-77-9)

    TOP Supplier Dasatinib monohydrate CAS NO.863127-77-9

    CAS No.:863127-77-9

  • High quality Testosterone Enanthate99%(315-37-7)

    High quality Testosterone Enanthate99%

    CAS No.:315-37-7

  • Top Supplier Tetracaine hydrochloride/ Tetracaine(136-47-0)

    Top Supplier Tetracaine hydrochloride/ Tetracaine

    CAS No.:136-47-0

  • Top Supplier Topsale Minoxidil 99%(38304-91-5)

    Top Supplier Topsale Minoxidil 99%

    CAS No.:38304-91-5

  • High purity Testosterone 99%(58-22-0)

    High purity Testosterone 99%

    CAS No.:58-22-0

  • Top Supplier Sildenafil 99% with lower price(139755-83-2)

    Top Supplier Sildenafil 99% with lower price

    CAS No.:139755-83-2

  • Hot sale Dexamethasone 99% low price(50-02-2)

    Hot sale Dexamethasone 99% low price

    CAS No.:50-02-2

  • Supplier Cetilistat  99%(282526-98-1)

    Supplier Cetilistat 99%

    CAS No.:282526-98-1

  • Top Supplier Phenacetin 62-44-2(62-44-2)

    Top Supplier Phenacetin 62-44-2

    CAS No.:62-44-2